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Water Resources Planning Organization
Secretariat to Executive Committee of National Water Resources Council
» Use of Scenarios development in Bangladesh

 Bangladesh is the largest delta located at the outfall of three major rivers namely Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna, having no control over the large amount of flow and sediments entering into the delta. The plausible future of sea level rise, excess of water in the monsoon and scarcity of water resources during dry period is likely to put additional pressure under future development and climate change scenarios. High pressure of population, change in future land use, industrialization and urbanization are expected to put pressure on future development strategies of many sectors including water. Water management of Bangladesh is a very complex and challenging, it is already facing enormous challenges and it will continue to face additional challenges under the future these scenarios of climate change, development. A more complex systems of infrastructure, management and governance, with a changing role of government and private sector are becoming essential to seek the remedy of the existing sick situation  in the sector. Any interventions in the vulnerable deltaic environment in this part of the world have a long lasting impact and difficult strategic choices have to be made often to cope with the future situation. Therefore a longer tern vision of future need to be embedded in the  short- and medium-term development and governance strategies with continuous evaluation of scenarios that are likely to emerge in the future as a result of the drivers and pressures need to be in place for an holistic water management.

 In water management, scenarios are used to account for uncertainties associated with climatic, socio-economic, and management conditions that affect the performance of water resource systems. These uncertainties affect future water supply, water demand and management strategy. In order to do that capacity in policy, planning and management need to be improved. There are a number of projects, researches and planning activities are on going in the country towards understanding the most likely scenarios for the future. The most important among these are-

1.    Nuffic-Niche 155: Scenario Development in Integrated Water Resources Management:   coping with future challenges in Bangladesh

2.    Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100

3.    ESPA Delta, Bangladesh

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