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Water Resources Planning Organization
Secretariat to Executive Committee of National Water Resources Council
Scenario Development and IWRM » Work package 5: Math Model/DSS

Modelling facilities & support

This work packages is strongly linked to procurement of facilities (WP 4) and also to the requirements for the research programme and PhD research (WP2 and WP3). The tools and instruments required will be purchased as part of WP 4, and issues discussed are reported under WP4. Expected results and progress: under WP 4, research specific software will be purchased later in 2014, in conjunction with the start of research work. For WARPO, special attention may be given to making optimum use of the National Water Resources Database, ideally improving both the information providing facilities as well as analytical tools for a better insight in the data for the water resources sector of Bangladesh in its broadest sense operating as a dissemination platform for scenario development.

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