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Water Resources Planning Organization
Secretariat to Executive Committee of National Water Resources Council
» Work package 7: Gender


The direction for gender analysis in the project was defined with a clear and explicit link to research agenda/plan, curriculum analysis, development of learning strategy and sustainability strategy. Organizational gender strategy will start and continue as parallel activity with development of a learning strategy and position in the BGD water sector. To mainstream gender into research, one specific CAR on gender will be taken into account and gender issue will be addressed properly in the research plan. Mainstreaming gender in education will continue in parallel with academic curricula analysis and be included in further development of the existing curriculum and development of new curriculum. Therefore the strategy for gender would need to answer the following:

  • Are the dimensions of gender issues sufficiently taken up in the curriculum and courses of the universities (during course analysis, WP1)
  • Are the dimensions of gender sufficiently addressed in the research programme during research plan formulation and CAR formulation (WP2),
  • Are the human resource development policies and practices of the organisations with respect to their staffing and enrolment of student sufficiently gender sensitive (link to learning and sustainability strategies, WP3).

The answers will lead to a policy to be developed jointly by the organizations with support of experts from Bangladesh. The policy will be incorporated in the curriculum development, the project research plan and in the organizational learning and organization sustainability strategy. The project will endeavour to have 50% of short course participants, the PhD and MSc fellows to be female.

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